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Cast Wood-Resin Hybrid

Cast Wood-Resin Hybrid sample image

North Woods is now partnering with Tom Stone to open up new artistic possibilities for our previously unusable wood pieces by employing stabilization to make pieces more robust and easy to turn.

We are passionate about saving fragile or unusable wood, and are proud of our new up-cycling process which reclaims otherwise waste material and turns it into a durable and stunning basis for show-stopping pieces developed through traditional woodturning.

The stabilizing process uses a vacuum to remove all the air from the wood, replacing it with a heat activated resin that in turn forms a polymer backbone in pieces that would otherwise be too fragile to use. Additionally, resin of different colors and shades can be used to create various effects. When colored resin penetrates wood, it results in unique coloring of the wood, artistically highlighting splendid natural grain figures.

Tom has worked extensively to create an array of stabilized blanks for North Woods for pens, pepper mills, bottle stoppers, and duck call blanks from our natural-edged and Extreme Spalt Maple. He is the proprietor of Beyond Wood Products, as well as a wood turner, pen maker, hobbyist and innovator.

Our stabilized blanks are chosen for their extreme figure caused by spalting, a deterioration of the fibers of the wood by fungi. Stabilized blanks may still may contain voids or areas that are softer than others. This is normal, and, as with any natural wood for turning, you may need to fill voids or reinforce areas with CA glue. Stabilization does add some reinforcement, but the pieces are still essentially wood and may not turn and finish like plastic.

Sorry, we are not able to offer discounts on stabilized wood blanks.

"Our stabilized wood blanks are truly unique, featuring extreme spalt highlights showcased in an array of vibrant colors that go beyond what nature can produce."

Cast Wood-Resin Hybrid - Products

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Visit our subsidiary, Vivid Stabilized Woods, to see more details and samples of our one-of-a-kind stabilized wood products.

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