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Big Leaf Maple (Quilted Figure)

Big Leaf Maple (Quilted Figure) sample image
(representative sample)

Quilted Maple makes for gorgeous turned pieces. It is distinguished by a grain distortion that creates a wavy pattern resembling the ripples in water. This quilted effect is revealed when the lumber is flat-sawn, allowing the figure to appear on the tangential face (rather than the radial plane as seen in Curly Maple or Fiddleback Maple).

In our Quilted Maple, the face of the wood block displays light and dark patches that can appear almost three-dimensional, like a series of rolling mounds. As with all figured maple, Quilted Maple color develops into a warm orange with deep contrast when a varnish or lacquer finish is applied.

Our Quilted Maple is especially prized by Luthiers for use in musical instruments like guitars. And, of course, it is also used in all variety of turning, woodware utensils, and jewelry boxes.

Les says, "This is my favorite figure. I never get tired of looking at it!"

Big Leaf Maple (Quilted Figure) Products

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Quilted Maple (also known as Flame Maple) reveals a quilt-like effect of dark and light patches overlaying its woodgrain. These tonal variations create a beautiful effect that is highly valued by woodworkers.

Maple with a quilted appearance is particularly popular among guitar makers and manufacturers of other similar instruments, for which it produces a very nice sound. In an acoustic or electric guitar, quilted maple may be used for the neck, head stock, and body (from a standard guitar billet), and it serves as a good basis for installing frets, pickups, and electronics like knobs and switches.

As with all figured maple wood, its color develops into a rich orange with deep contrast when a varnish or lacquer finish is applied.

The grain distortion of quilted maple usually appears on the flat-sawn plane, and the wood blocks and woodturning blanks we have available are chosen very selectively for their consistent quilted appearance.

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