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Madrone sample image
(representative sample)

Madrone is a slow-growing species unique to the Pacific Northwest; it can grow as tall as Redwoods. Because we live in Northwest Oregon, we have access to plenty of it on our property.

Madrone is a dense, heavy, hard wood that has a light reddish-brown color with a tinge of pink. It is tight-grained; the texture is smooth and even. It can be steam-bent with reasonable success, and worked well both by hand and machine. It holds stains and sands to a lovely finish.

But, green Madrone has high moisture content, so it moves considerably as it dries. For this reason, Madrone is the only wood we do not guarantee against warping or cracking, as it is likely to do so. Some woodworkers choose to boil it to stabilize it. At times we process our Madrone by boiling, allowng time to air dry then cutting into turning blank sizes.

We suggest you plan on it moving as you work with it and build that characteristic into your design, especially if you want to achieve a wavy, natural look. A well-cured piece will be fairly stable in use.

We're thrilled to have a good stock of Madrone Burl, which is fairly rare.

Madrone Products

Note: our wood products are sold with no guarantee of moisture content.
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