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Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine (NIP) comes from Norfolk Island, which is located east off the coast of Australia. It is also known as the living Christmas tree, because of it's triangular shape. However, it is not actually a true pine. It's excellent for woodturning, and many artisans use it to make lampshades, which when lit, can give off a unique reddish-orange glow.

Large numbers of Norfolk Island Pine are grown in Florida for the houseplant industry. You'll often see young specimens potted as mini Christmas trees around the holidays. In fact, the Norfolk Island Pine that we have for sale comes from Florida. Some areas in the Southwest and Florida prohibit planting of NIP since they are prone to getting struck by lightning and falling. Interestingly enough, some of the NIP that we have for sale was in fact struck by lightning!

Heartwood is light brown, sometimes with a yellow or red hue. Paler sapwood isn't clearly defined. Sometimes afflicted with blue/gray fungal staining, particularly if not dried properly. In certain applications this staining is considered decorative, particularly when the wood also features contrasting reddish knots.

This wood is easy to work with, though knots can predictably cause uneven sanding and other issues. It's common uses typically are assigned to plywood, furniture, turning stock and other specialty wood projects.

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Norfolk Island Pine Products

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