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Ash sample image
(representative sample)

Ash is a beautiful light to medium brown hardwood that has a medium texture similar to oak. Typically its grain is straight, though moderately curly is sometimes seen. It produces good results with hand or machine tools. It also can be glued, stained and finished with good results.

Ash is known to have an moderately unpleasant smell when being worked, and can even cause skin irritation for some individuals, so care should be used. It dries fairly easily with minimal degradation, and there is little movement in performance.

Ash Products

Note: our wood products are sold with no guarantee of moisture content.
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Woodturning Bowl Blanks Woodturning Bowl Blanks

ASH 6A051517: 6" x 6" x 4"
ASH 6A051517
ASH 12A032817: 12.125" x 11.875" x 2.875"
ASH 12A032817

Woodturning Platter Blanks Woodturning Platter Blanks

ASH 10A081017: 9.875" x 10" x 2.875"
ASH 10A081017
ASH 12A032817: 12.125" x 11.875" x 2.875"
ASH 12A032817
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